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 I want to apologize for not taking a stand sooner. I too was an undocumented immigrant; just like you I came into the United States as a minor and stayed with my family there illegally. As I grew up I remember hoping and praying for the DREAM act to finally pass and benefit over 2 million of us. After listening to the current Presidents hate filled speeches and seeing how that could of contributed in getting him into office I am ashamed I did not use my voice earlier. Because of your courage and resilience you got DACA to happen, that policy itself could of single handedly changed my life as it did with 750,000 others. You are constantly putting yourself in situations where many would be fearful of the repercussions and you do it with intelligence, grace and patience.

I understand the next 4 years will be difficult. I know exactly what it is like to feel like you are taking a step forward and having that be taken away from you. It breaks my heart to see how palpable discrimination is and how it currently has a face. President Trump´s comments and actions have somehow made it okay for others that were hiding their true colors to support his ludicrous ideas, but this letter isn’t about him. Nothing really is. The fight is not against one particular person, it is much bigger than that.

To declare the current administration will deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants is a threat to what America represents. Inclusion, acceptance and the celebration of each other’s differences are the very foundation of the country.

Who I am now as an adult is directly tied to my childhood in the United States. The things I feel the most passionate about are all based on the belief that we are all created equal. I believe that in order to move forward stories need to be told and heard, in the hopes to not only inspire someone that can be going through something similar but  to ultimately sensitize anyone who is not taking this personal.  

I finished Elementary School, Middle School and was already thinking about college when as a junior in High School my world was changed forever when my family and I were denied residency and had to return to our country. I watched my parents work day in and day out to give my sister and I opportunities they did not have. I am not embarrassed to say I am the daughter of undocumented immigrants, I actually feel pride to know how courageous they were.I am also proud to say I met and was around loving and hardworking people that although weren’t related to us later became family. I can say I know and respect them. I can also testify to their intentions in doing the right thing. Most of the families that are being called criminals so carelessly by some of Trump supporters have actually no criminal record and are spending incredible amounts of money to obtain a legal status for their families.  

I write this to thank you for your continuous efforts to have what should be a right. Obtaining a legal status to enroll in school and to work legally can only be beneficial to the country, it only takes a second to understand how such passion and determination is actually an asset to the United States. Sometimes people that have not had to ever fight for something can find it hard to understand the privilege an opportunity can mean.

It has been 10 years since my family and I had to leave the United States and with us so have around 3 million people. Families have been torn apart time and time again because the system has failed them, a system that the majority had faith in. 

I understand this may seem like an issue that should no longer affect me. Some can even think I should move on. I will not move on. I will not continue to watch on the sidelines when my brothers and sisters are being treated unfairly. I will try to honor our parent’s sacrifices and also fight this fight in gratitude to them. This is personal, the fight to equal opportunities is as personal for you as it is for me; I want you to know that I will stand with you until the DREAM act becomes a reality.





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  1. María José me enorgullezco que sigas siendo consecuente con tus ideas y las conozco desde que eras una niña. Los valores no se pierden se fortalecen y que ayudes a este sueño esperanzador es muy gratificante. La unión hace la fuerza y tú posición como la de muchos por supuesto que ayudará a este fin.
    En mi opinión y ojalá se considre, es que los niños que se crían, estudian y se comporta de manera adecuada deben de tener oportunidades ya que sin perder su identidad quieen al país que los acogen. Sigue adelante con este apoyo te felicito

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  2. Majo….Es muy cierto lo que escribes….De verdad estoy de acuerdo y apoyo tu sentir y pensar….Sé lo persistente que eres y realmente deberían poder lograrse muchos avances en ese tema.
    Los hijos llevados por sus padres, menores de edad , no deberían tener ningún tipo de impedimento para lograr sus sueños.
    Esperemos que con el tiempo se logren leyes que los puedan ayudar.
    Y estoy segura que con cartas publicadas con valentía como la tuya pronto se dará.
    Te quiero mucho! .
    Tu mamá.

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